New Shop Delivery: Bloomingville


We would like to share some news about the companies we work with at Curiouser & Curiouser. We are very lucky to be getting new & exciting deliveries on a weekly basis and we thought we might give you heads up about what beautiful objects are coming to the shops.
Today we are delighted to be introducing Bloomingville! They are a company from Denmark that produces interior details & precious objects to make our homes look fresh and feel happy. We fell in love with them at Curiouser. We hope that you will like them too!
The Bloomingville Team is focusing on bringing simplicity to our houses. Their objects are incorporating all that we love about Scandinavian designs with a feel of a hand-made, precious goods. If you pick up one of their glazed ceramic mugs you instantly feel a bit of hygge!
They highlight rounded finishes of their objects, and a light, welcoming look is a staple of their visual identity. Bloomingville pieces vary slightly and all the little differences make them unique, so you will be able to tell which bowl is YOUR favourite. We like how they encourage people to introduce small changes to their environment and become designers of their own space. We are more than happy to be moving their beautifully glazed vases & bowls around our house!
We have a wide range of their ceramic pots, vases, mugs, planters and bowls in both our Edinburgh shops. They are stunning modern pieces that feel almost vintage so pop in to have a look if you can!

The Curiouser Crew