Holding a Vase

At Curiouser we do love new deliveries, especially if they are bringing unique homewhere pieces to our shops.

As we handle each delivery by hand it is inspiring to see how objects behave in one's hands. That has inspired us to start a photography project!

We take photos of different homeware items while they are being held. The results are dreamy and you can really get an idea of style & size of each vase, cup and jug.

It has been fun to try to match textures and colours of clothing with each item.

We hope that you like our images!

Next time you are visiting our Edinburgh shop we might ask you to hold a pretty thing in front of a camera.

Till then!

Have a beautiful Summer.

The Curious Crew


Stripy Fairtrade jug by Nkuku

Earthy Hubsch glass vase

 Cosmic Hubsch planter with Noodalls Cactus

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