Giant Creatures by Donna Wilson

Giant Creatures are now at Curiouser & Curiouser!

We are delighted to have some Giant Creatures made my Donna Wilson in her London studio. Those 180cm tall animal friends are crafted using 100% Scottish Lambswool in the most lovely colours and patterns. As each creature is absolutely unique, you know that they are made just for you. We have three tall characters in our online store: a Fox, a Bear & a Wolf. We have so many ideas for their names but we've decided to leave it for their new owners to give their new pal a name. We hope that they will find amazing homes!

Which one would you pick as your favourite companion?

Giant Bear

Giant Bear in a yoga pose. Flexible and smart :)


Giant Wolf

Giant Wolf is absolutely dashing! He is a proper dandy charmer.


Giant Fox

Giant Fox has a big romantic heart.




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