How our lampshades are made

This patterned range of fun & modern cotton lampshades have been one of our favourite homeware products for a couple of years now. The collection has many varied patterns and an ever expanding range of colours & designs. We invite you to find out a little bit more about how they are made.  

We all depend on light. When there is not enough sunlight we use candles & electricity to compensate for its absence. It is important to make the light feel warm & inviting in our homes. One of the best ways to ensure a restful environment using lighting, is to look out for natural materials.

Our lampshades are all hand-made using dyed natural cotton fabric that is then applied onto a rattan frame. Skilled craftsmen put the shades together using their expertise and artistry.  

The most wonderful thing about our shades, apart from how good they look, is the fact that they are supporting local communities who use traditional crafts in making the most modern product. They are versatile thanks to the array of patterns and can bring the perfect mood to a room.

The dyeing processes used to create these lampshades are stamp dyeing or screen dyeing. These two processes makes it possible to achieve many different effects.  This in turn leads to a varied range of lampshades; some of which shield the light and others that throw it.



Stamp dye: the stamps, made of wood and metal, are crafted through a meticulous process, where each groove and rivet must be perfectly fashioned. The dyeing process begins with the stamp being dipped into hot wax before being pressed manually onto the cotton fabric. The fabric is then bathed in dye once or several times, as needed, to get the desired depth of colour. Once dry, the fabric is immersed in boiling water, where the wax is dispersed and the stamp pattern revealed.


Screen dye: each design is meticulously etched onto a nylon voile before being nailed onto a wooden frame and laid upon the cotton fabric. Dye is then spread evenly over the screen, sinking through the etched holes and creating the desired pattern on the fabric. Different layers of dye can be applied on the same fabric using different screens creating multicolour patterns.



The lampshades, once hung in your home, look equally beautiful lit and unlit. Their stunning patterns & textures add character to every room and become stylish yet soft centrepieces in your living spaces. Due to their versatility they can complement many different interiors, from a child's bedroom to a highly styled living room or a cosy bedroom, depending on the chosen pattern and colours. 

 We hope that you love them as much as we do.


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