Neutral Cotton Lampshades

Meet our range of natural modern lampshades made using rattan frames and natural cotton. They are perfectly soft and versatile thanks to the array of patterns and a choice of sizes. This season, we invested in a neutral palette to complement contemporary interiors and illuminate your rooms even brighter.


white and cream cotton light shades 

Pear-shaped white shade and Rice shade in brown.


We have decided that natural cotton in its pure milky softness can be a fantastic minimalist finish in itself, hence our selection of round, pear-shaped and oval lampshades in creamy white. 


White cotton fabric on two lampshades

 Natural cotton sown onto our lampshades.


One of the best ways to ensure a restful environment using lighting, is to look out for natural materials. That is precisely why our lampshades are so evocative and timeless. Subtle changes in the colour of dye will bring out cool or warm tones in your space manifesting the mood you desire.


 Warm dusky pink hues of Eva lampshade.


zebra lampshade

Zebra lampshade in a child's room.


The most wonderful thing about our shades, apart from how good they look, is the fact that they are supporting local communities who use traditional crafts in making the most modern product. Skilled craftsmen of India put the shades together using their expertise and artistry, applying stamping techniques and screen-printing to cotton.  


Two men screen-printing pattern onto fabric

Two men screen-printing zigzag pattern onto cotton.  


The lampshades, once hung in your home, look equally beautiful lit and unlit. Their stunning patterns & textures add character to every room and become stylish yet soft centrepieces in your living spaces. Due to their versatility they can complement many different interiors, from a child's bedroom to a highly styled living room or a cosy bedroom, depending on the chosen pattern and colours. 


Natural Cream Small Oval Lampshade

Small Oval Natural Cream Lampshade


 Ginkgo Lampshade 

Ginkgo Lampshade with subtle floral design.


Pear Shaped Cotton Lampshade

Our new Pear Shaped Natural Cream Cotton Lampshade



Zigzag lampshade in indigo and Dot Lampshade  




Auralia Jellyfish Lampshade

Auralia Jellyfish lampshade.



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