Meet the book loving artist: Dick Vincent
I can bet you recognise his illustration style if you have been in our shop for a print browse. Images that look like they have been put together in a hurry with a lot of heart going into making them. Inspired by books, films, love of nature, hiking and sometimes beer, they are irresistible. We asked the lovely artist behind them a few questions about the way he works. Get to know Dick Vincent!
  1. How did you become an artist?

I studied illustration with animation in the early noughties and then didn’t really do anything with it for about five years, just bouncing around in retail jobs. Then Instagram came out -which at the time was just an app for nice photos, it wasn’t really a thing people gained work from at the time. I started posting doodles on there more as a visual diary and somehow, luckily, these got picked up by a fairly big lifestyle magazine which led me to start getting more commissions and things really took off. I then started producing a range of prints and postcards. I carried on working in retail for the next few years balancing running a gift business, editorial illustrations and commissions on top of working in retail until I had enough fall back cash to live on for six months to support me before I went full time freelance.



  1. What is the biggest challenge in running an illustration business?

Illustration is a constant battle between feast and famine and I really struggle with allowing myself to sit back and enjoy the quieter periods. This year I’m trying to allow myself to enjoy my down time, I totally love my job but no matter how much you love something working 14hrs 7 days a week is never healthy. Sometimes I’m so busy that when a day off magically appears I almost feel guilty for not ‘working’.



  1. What is the message behind your work?

Nearly all my work deals with ‘mindfulness’ and the mental health benefits of nature. I also like to explain that adventures don’t always have to be a far flung mountain on the other side of the world but can be something right on your doorstep. I often use quotes from my favourite books or authors to reiterate this.



  1. Best things in your creative life?

When everything’s going well and a day off coincides with good weather, I can just put my hiking boots on and explore my local landscapes. While finding these days off are my biggest challenge, if I can get outside in between a busy few weeks then I really appreciate it. Equally I can finish admin work and go for a run or pop out for a coffee. Sometimes these little breaks help clear your mind for new ideas and I can come back refreshed and ready to work again.



  1. What animal would you choose to be in your next life?

             A fox!






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