Curiouser Gift Guide by Victoria

This year we've decided to ask our members of staff to pick five favourite items from the shop that, they think, would make fantastic gifts. Curiouser & Curiouser helpful star & a talented illustrator Victoria has some answers for us. Read Victoria's Curiouser Gift Guide.

1. Dinosaurium picturebook

Dinosaurs are cool and I would give this book to my brother but equally I would keep it for myself.


2. Round Ceramic Mugs by Bloomingville

This mug is a perfect size to hold - I know that because I have one at home. Just imaging it filled with hot chocolate with lots of cream & marshmallows.


3. Pom Pom Cushions

They are just so cool & fun especially this time of year when you want to be tucked up on the sofa with lots of cosy cushions & blankets.


4. Fountain Pen & Inks by Kaweco

The are just so smooth to write with and they help to make a bad hand-writing good. The Kaweco Fountain pen is small and compact & easy to carry around. I use them for creating lists & to write in my diary.


5. Framing Vouchers

Framing is fun and it makes a gift a little bit more special. I love choosing different mount & frame colours to suit each picture as it really elevates the image if done right. Who doesn't like a lovely framed, beautiful print or drawing?