Curious Candles make a difference

CURIOUS CANDLES make a difference

Curiouser is launching a new range of candles with 24 fresh and natural scents. 10% of all sales will support the charity, Alzheimer Scotland. 

The  candles have been specially made for our two Edinburgh-based Curiouser shops using natural plant wax and a variety of scents, including a special Scottish selection. With a 10% charitable donation, Curiouser is also hoping, with the support of our customers, to make a small contribution to the lives of people affected by Alzheimer’s disease & dementia.

Ian, one of the co-founders of Curiouser with, his wife Laura,  has been personally affected, as his mother is living with the condition. He said

 “ Like many other families in Scotland and across the world, we are coping with the debilitating effects of Azheimer’s and memory loss. It’s not all doom and gloom, Alzheimer’s Scotland have offered great support to my family and my mother  helping with practical things, like filling out forms to access government assistance and offering a fantastic range of activities and services for people living with Alzheimer’s and their families, including reminiscence groups, exercise classes and games afternoons. The charity also supports research and is working with the scientific community to find out more about the disease and work towards effective treatment and prevention.”

He went on to say

 “We have been running Curiouser & Curiouser for 10 years now and it felt like the right time to branch into a bespoke range of products. Laura and I love winter and candles remind us of how cosy Scottish evenings at home can be. All the scents are on our shelves now so please give them a sniff when you are visiting the shops. It has been challenging to commit to something new and design a range from scratch hoping that people will like it. We absolutely love the packaging illustration drawn by our talented friend Tess.“

Tess Barnard- a long time Curiouser Crew member with a Ph.D in Printmaking was given the task of developing the new label/illustration that is used on the candle packaging. She has studied and practiced art for many years working primarily in printmaking and, more recently, free-hand embroidery and textile sculptures. Talking about the design process, she commented

“For the most part, I tend to create highly intricate images on a large scale, which is extremely time consuming. In the past few years I have come to realise that despite the ideas or narratives my projects seem to be following, each image and object really comes down to an obsession, fascination, and love of patterns and textures to an almost claustrophobic effect! My love and wonder at the natural world plays a big part  in that, as does the folklore and fairytales that surround it. 

I went on a kind of retreat at Laura and Ian’s place out in East Lothian, towards the end of my Ph.D. Taking walks each day I was struck by the walls of knotted hedgerows that surrounded me; their twisted, interlaced silhouettes were right out of a fairytale forest, so I decided to try and capture some of that.”


Original illustration by Tess Barnard


The candles are sold in recyclable metal tins, each contain 100ml of natural plant wax and will burn for up to 30h filling your room with a subtle scent. The Scottish Range includes Scottish Hedgerow with notes of freshly cut stems, juniper, pine & wild flowers, Glen Meadow brings a mist of fresh air infused with heather & the Scottish Rhubarb candle is scented with delicious rhubarb & vanilla oils.

Other scents include: Clary Sage, Sea Salt & Spray, Moroccan Rose, Summer, Black Oud, Aloe Straw & Cucumber, Hawthorne and Rosehip, Tablet andPink Fizz.

Curious Candles are now available in both Edinburgh shops and the Scottish Selection including Scottish Hedgerow, Glen Meadow & our most popular scent Scottish Rhubarb is available to purchase online.

four candles on green background 

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