Rough Tumbled Clear Quartz/Herkimer Diamond Earrings

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Beautiful sterling silver electroplated Clear Quartz/Herkimer Diamond gemstone hoop earrings. Choose these earrings for their beauty, intention or their association with a birth month.

An eco Lapis London jewellery box and gemstone meaning card are included with your purchase.

Herkimer Diamond properties:

Herkimer Diamond is known as the stone of attunement, putting you at ease in difficult environments, increasing motivation and innovation, and guiding you towards the right path in tough situations. It is a birthstone for April.

Clear Quartz properties:

Clear Quartz is known as the master healer of gemstones and is thought to help harmonise and purify energy levels to bring the body into balance and good health. It is believed to aid concentration and clarity of mind, enabling you to set intentions and goals to achieve your life dreams. It is also believed to amplify the energy of other crystals.  It is the birthstone for April.

Please note that as we use natural gemstones, they are all unique and may therefore vary slightly from the photograph.


The earring charms comprise natural gemstones from India selected for their colour and quality. The gemstones are carefully cut into shape and electroplated with a thick layer of sterling silver and finished with an e-coating to impede tarnishing.  A thin copper layer is used to bond the silver to the gemstone surface. 

The hoop earrings comprise 925 recycled sterling silver (coated with a layer of white gold and an e-coating to impede tarnishing).


Rough tumbled gemstone charms:  5mm - 7mm

Hoop earrings:  band width 1.5mm, outside diameter 11.5mm, inner diameter 9mm

Care Instructions:

When not wearing your earrings, store them inside the jewellery box/pouch provided.

Clean carefully with a soft cloth.

Avoid wearing your jewellery whilst showering, bathing, swimming and exercising.

Always remove your jewellery when applying perfume, suntan cream and cosmetics.

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