Flight 35 lampshade by Novoform
Flight 35 lampshade by Novoform Flight 35 lampshade by Novoform

FLight 35 was created to make harmony with light. The pendant lamp comes in a kit for self-assembly manufactured by Danish Novoform and based on a design by designer Bjarne Urhammer. FLight 35 is more light sculpture than a simple lamp and supports the properties of the emitted light.

The FLight 35’s sheets hide the illuminant inside of it while still allowing light to shine through unhindered. Light flows between the leaves while simultaneously penetrating the white material and transforming the FLight 35 into a shining sculpture.

The lamp’s sheets consist of a special lampshade PVC film that doesn’t attract any dust. The lampshade consists of 35 individual leaves which can easily be assembled using the uncomplicated closing mechanism. To ease assembly, printed and DVD instructions are included with the lamp. The required assembly material is included with the lamp too.

The assembled shade can be removed from the lamp whenever you want without any problems and without damaging the electronics. For cleaning, the lampshade can be wiped down with a cloth or duster or rinsed off briefly.

The internal construction of the lamp directs the heat of the lightbulb away from the lampshade during operation so the white material doesn’t discolour. We suggest an E27 lightbulb of 35 watts for the Flight 35 lamp’s operation.

Novoform produces the lamps directly in Denmark.

Please note that the hanger and canopy are not included.


Dimensions: Height: 28 cm, Diameter: 53 cm

weight: 750 g (without packaging)