Celebrating Women at Work

This month holds two important dates celebrating women; International Women's Day and Mother's Day, so we have decided to write a tribute to the fantastic female team members, suppliers and organisers that we work with.


Laura & Rachel are the core partners (and sisters!) who, between them, give Curiouser direction and lots of character. Supported by a bunch of female creatives in their crew. This contributes to the ethos of our  shops. With the added bonus that our shops get to look fabulous. 

 Rachel, Laura and Amelia during a photoshoot

 Rachel, Laura and Amelia during a photoshoot


We believe supporting female makers and artists is not only important, but also necessary for achieving a more equitable and diverse society. Choosing work made by women can lead to more opportunities, visibility and can help create a more balanced world for all. We hope that even in a small capacity, we can have a positive impact on women's economic well-being. That is part of the reason Curiouser showcases a huge collection of works by female illustrators, printmakers, painters and makers.


Sisters art print

Sisters Art Print by Ana Seixas.



To highlight the work of our female Curiouser Crew Members in particular, we love the creative work of Alice B Simpson, Fiona Purves, Anneleen Lindsay, Rebecca Sheerin, Anna York and last but not least, Kim aka Poosac who runs our social media. Together with Amelia Smith who has recently joined our team, we have developed friendships and bonds that are empowering and giving us a sense of community. 


Female Makers and their art

Clockwise from top left: Rebecca Sheerin with her prints, card by Alice B Simpson, print by Susie Wright, Emily Mackenzie in front of her print, Laura and Rachel Clifford, moon print by Anna York. 



We love also our local artists including Emily Mackenzie, Susie Wright, Sandra VickAmanda Phillips and Lindy Furby and makers from all over the UK like Cody Bond aka Cai & Jo, Lottie Hall, Sarah Wilson aka Little Black CatCatherine ToughAmanda Coleman, Fan Club sisters Felicity and Johanna to name a few of the very many female creatives that we stock. 



Female Makers and their work

Clockwise from top left: Amanda Coleman's jewellery, print by Lottie Hall, Sandra Vick, print by Cai & Jo, Fiona Purves, print by Linda Furby. 


Choosing to support female makers and artists is not just a matter of fairness or equality, but it's also a way to promote creativity, economic empowerment, and cultural diversity.  Many of us still face inequality and obstacles that come with becoming mothers. As a community and company led by strong feminine qualities we can champion empathy, compassion and kindness to all. Everyone should have access to fairness regardless of their gender identity or whether they have children.


 Bass Rock by Amanda Phillips print

 Print of a Bass Rock painting by Amanda Phillips.



We will continue to celebrate and support the work of women.  We hope to play a small part in helping to create a world where everyone's contributions are valued and recognized. Thank you for reading and for your continued support in all that we do.



As we advocate for gender equality and firmly believe in nurturing qualities of all humans, we lovingly mention Ian, Alan & Scott who complete our Crew. 


 Negative Positive Dogs by Little Black Cat

Positive/ Negative Dogs print by Sarah Wilson - the woman behind Little Black Cat Illustrated Goods. 

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